Birmingham Bowel Clinic,

providing excellence in bowel care

The Birmingham Bowel Clinic is the first private centre of excellence for
managing bowel conditions in the West Midlands. Birmingham Bowel Clinic has
recruited a team of highly qualified specialists to provide a comprehensive and
integrated service with a multidisciplinary approach to the management of
bowel conditions.

The Birmingham Bowel Clinic is an established centre dedicated to provide excellence in bowel care, with the diagnosis and clinical care of all bowel conditions.

The Birmingham Bowel Clinic is a team of highly qualified experts who are nationally recognised colorectal specialists. The clinic provides a comprehensive, integrated and multidisciplinary approach  to the management of bowel disorders.

The team includes specialists in bowel surgery, radiology, oncology and pathology. Collectively they have the expertise to deliver high quality bowel care to patients from initial investigation and diagnosis through to treatment.

The Birmingham Bowel Clinic welcomes referrals from throughout the UK and internationally.

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What our patients think...
Piles: Never did the wind and rain sound sweeter as I lie in my hospital bed, Piles of peace and happiness building in my heart, While deeper down piles of other piles begin their journey into what will be an ever shrinking bleeding memory. With many thanks to Mr Ismail. ”
Mr Schmidt
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