Bowel Cancer Screening and the FOB Test

It is well reported that regular screening ensures that we can catch cancer in its early stages. This means that the cancer is usually smaller, less advanced and in consequence the treatment can be less invasive and more successful.

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Bowel Cancer Screening Test and the Bowel Scope Screening test

It is known that regular screening can help to catch cancer in its early stages, preventing the cancer from becoming more advanced. The earlier the cancer is detected the higher the success rates in treating the cancer.

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New research suggests aspirin can reduce bowel cancer by 20%  

Middle aged people who swallow an aspirin a day can cut down the risk of bowel cancer by a fifth, according to a recent study in the US.

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During my extensive research into Mr Radley and his CV, I was reassured by the fact that he had undergone part of his colorectal training in America, where I was aware that they were making advances in medical science and at the leading edge of sensible surgery. ”
Mark Bullock. March 2013