Crohn's Disease Treatment

The treatment of Crohn’s disease involves both medical and surgical treatments.

Medical treatments include:

  • 5-ASA drugs which are anti inflammatory in the bowel
  • Steroids
  • Other immunosuppressive agents such as azathioprine
  • Antibiotics
  • Biological agents- anti-TNF alpha antibodies such as infliximab

Surgical treatments include removal of parts of the intestine (either the small or large bowel) affected by the disease known as resection.

Sometimes surgery can be used to widen narrowed areas caused by the Crohn’s disease, this is known as stricturoplasty.

Intestinal surgery for Crohn’s disease can often be carried out using a keyhole technique. Surgical procedures for Crohn's disease can include the following:


For patients with infection, abscess or a fistula around their bottom surgery is often required to control drain out any pus and drainage tubes known as setons may be used.

Surgery itself cannot cure Crohn’s disease but it can offer long periods of symptom relief/ remission.
If a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease has been made, patients are strongly advised to give up smoking, if they haven’t already. Smoking is a known risk factor for disease persistence and recurrence.
Crohn’s disease is a condition where sufferers can experience relapses and longer-term follow-up with regular consultations is usually recommended.  

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