Enterocele and sigmoidocele

An enterocele or sigmoidoceleis a type of prolapse or internal hernia. It is a bulge that develops between the vagina in front and the rectum behind. The small intestine (enterocele) or colon (sigmoidocele) pushes downwards between the vagina and rectum causing pressure on each.

Enteroceles or sigmoidoceles usually occur as a result of damage to the tissues between the rectum and vagina which occurs during childbirth. The tearing leads to a weakness in the tissues and with time a bulge develops. Enterocele or sigmoidocele may also develop in women who have to strain excessively to open their bowels.

Enterocele or sigmoidocele are also more common in women who have had a hysterectomy. This may be due to weakness at the top of the vagina caused by the hysterectomy itself.

Enteroceles  and sigmoidoceles may be associated with other pelvic floor weaknesses that include internal prolapse (intussusception), rectoceles and anal incontinent symptoms.

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