Obstructed Defaecation Syndrome

Obstructed defaecation simply means having difficulty emptying the bowel.

What causes obstructed defaecation?

There are two causes of obstructed defaecation, functional causes and physical causes. Sometimes the two can co-exist:

  • Functional- in this situation the pelvic floor fails to relax or even tightens when a patient tries to open their bowel.
  • Physical causes- these are caused by weakness in the pelvic floor rectoceles , enteroceles and internal prolapse (intussusception). These cause either a physical blockage to evacuation, or result in a pocket forming which traps some bowel content meaning evacuation is incomplete.
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What our patients think...
The first week after the operation was a very trying time for me and psychologically a very difficult transition having a stoma bag fitted. However a trying time made a lot easier thanks to the care and support offered by Mr Radley and Mandy and I know that thanks to Mr Radley’s surgical skills I have not been in any pain since my operation. ”
Dean Baxter. February 2013