What is a proctoscopy?

This is an examination of the lowest part of the rectum and anal canal using a short telescope with a light called a proctoscope.

What do the tests involve?

You will be asked to lie on an examination couch on your left side with your knees bent.
This does not involve blowing air into the bowel and is most usually carried out in the outpatients where it is most useful for examining haemorrhoids (piles). The proctoscope is also used when haemorrhoids or piles are treated by banding or injection.

Do I need any preparation before-hand?

You will not need any preparation before-hand.

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Both my own local GP and also the Club Doctor for the Paralymic Team both recommended that I should go and see Mr Simon Radley at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic as he specialises in the treatment of haemorrhoids. ”
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