Patient Information

At the Birmingham Bowel Clinic we believe that our current patients and anyone looking to seek treatment with us should be kept as fully informed and up-to date as possible with all aspects of our service.

This section includes some useful information about how to make an appointment, a glossary of bowel-related terminology, links to other useful websites and additional patient information leaflets.

You will also be able to read about some of our past and current patient's experiences about the care they have received at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic, as well as a list of common frequently asked questions and some information about the clinical studies and lectures that we participate in as part of our own professional development.

How to make an appointment

Patients can usually be seen within 3-4 days of contacting the clinic. Where an urgent appointment is required, every effort will be made for you to see the consultant as soon as possible.

To make an appointment please contact the Birmingham Bowel Clinic secretary on 0845 241 7762 or email

Alternatively please click here to submit your contact details and requirments and the Birmingham Bowel Clinic will reply to you as soon as possible.

Please be rest assured that your enquiry is important to us and will be treated with the highest levels of patient confidentiality.

Patient Information Leaflets

At the Birmingham Bowel Clinic our aim is to supply our current and future patients with as much relevent information as possible.

Please click on any of the following patient information leaflets for additional information you may require: